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Inquiry Meditation: The Ultimate Somatic Healing! 

Hi! My name is Leslie Quigless, and I want to assure you that I absolutely will not do something about the painful problem that has brought you here.

Instead, during our consultation, I will teach you extraordinarily friendly somatic healing technology that is infinitely more powerful than "doing" in the way we have come to think of it.


I will teach you to non-do. 


Within minutes--right there during your IM Experience--you will witness bits of your problem soften ...and dissolve ...right before your (inner) eyes. Within minutes, you will experience real and palpable relief.

And with ongoing practice, your productivity, clarity, and sense of well-being will increase. 

Big words, yes. I can back them up. 


Settle in, poke about, read my thoroughly lit blog. If all passes the vibe check, perhaps you'll join the dozens of Inquiry Meditators with whom I've worked who are forever changed by the natural alchemical process that is my sweet modality, Inquiry Meditation. 

"I feel liberated. I’ve resolved so many deeply suffering thoughts!  I’ve released the hold that caffeine has over me. I drink it sometimes and sometimes I don’t now without suffering over either experience! I no longer perseverate over stressful work situations when they appear in my mind after work hours. The time I have spent with Leslie is fully life-affirming and it’s changed and affected my life deeply in just a few sessions.
Inquiry Meditation is real healing on a personal, interpersonal, lineage, ancestral and, therefore, future and cosmic level. It really is that powerful!"

Annelle T. (read the rest of this review here!)


Why will YOU try Inquiry Meditation?

Some Inquiry Meditators want to improve their work performance. Some want to maintain optimal mental wellbeing. Some want an answer about specific life content (a relationship, health, finances, etc). Some want to do the deep, deep shadow work of healing emotional triggers, trauma, and childhood wounds. Some simply want to feel less anxious in their day-to-day lives.  

IM seamlessly and lovingly meets all of these meditators--many of whom fit multiple categories!--exactly where, and as, he/she/they are. 

This is because the modality works at the paradoxically impersonal and ultra-personal level of bodily sensation: at the level of energy. 

It is at the energetic level that the sensation in all of life’s  upsets, problems, and pain--work-related or personal, shallow or trauma-degree profound--can be transmuted into joyous energy that fuels and frees us.

And session by session, bit by bit: we can realize evermore joy and freedom.

White Rocks

"Leslie is magic. Truly. Working on my relationship with myself, healing my inner critic, and regulating my emotions when distressed has been a long journey. I really mean it when I say that nothing has ever felt as impactful in healing my relationship with myself as my work with Leslie.


She has a way of getting me to see my inner parts, and growing a relationship with them. If you are familiar with internal family systems psychotherapy, Leslie is most definitely an IFS coach - even though she doesn't call herself that! Her intuition and wisdom radiates out and has helped me find my own intuition and wisdom in my body. I am so grateful."

Dr. Meenaxi P. 


Your breakthrough is 1 hour away. Click below to schedule your IM Experience!

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