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More About Leslie Quigless

My background is education. I have master-level education degrees from NYU and Harvard and have taught adolescents and adults in New York, Brazil, and Atlanta. 

I've studies spirituality my entire adulthood. Vipassana Meditation has been hugely impactful for me, particularly S. N. Goenka's emphasis on working with sensation. I've also studied Byron Katie's brilliant process called The Work;  I've studied the amazing work of Kyle Cease; and I've had the honor and pleasure of practicing with Carolyn Elliott and Regena Thomashauer.  (Please see more about my teachers here.

Finally, I am a storyteller. I wrote stories as a child and was a journalism major undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill (Tarheels forever!).  I resumed creative writing as an adult and have multiple big projects in the works! 

My orientation is that of an artist.


Meaning, it's about quality for me--quality and beauty and vision and inspiration and a bit of the unknown.  

Each Inquiry Meditation session is a sparkling work of art I co-create with each practitioner. Each session is its own radiant jewel, a humbling encounter with Mystery. We are there to listen, to create a space of welcome, and to then be still enough to receive its grace.

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Crystal Salt
“Having done more traditional forms of therapy in the past, I knew I was looking for something more. I was looking for something kinder, something that feels like "good" hard work. I have found all of that and more in Inquiry Meditation."

Erika S.

Nature Tokens

Healing can feel really good! 

Our problems, worries, and wounds really do want to give us amazing gifs. Learn how your life is calling to you in an IM Experience. 

Medical Advice Disclaimer

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