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The IM Full Session Formats

You've done the IM Experience. 

You indeed feel lighter, rejuvenated, and empowered.

Or, you're foregoing the Experience to dive into practice.

Either way: you want to practice IM in a full-session capacity!

Read on for information about these offerings. 

Please note that I schedule full sessions manually. Contact me  to schedule. 

Dolhareubang with Sunset

The Original

 The Original runs a sumptuous 1.75 to 2  hours–sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, depending on each meditator’s bodily processing. The value is in the depth of the breakthroughs that occur at this depth of practice.


IM in this format is how I originally envisioned, developed, and taught it: seeing at its very deepest and most unhurried. Shifts are profound and immediately felt. Also, we integrate as we go along. Much time may be spent in silence as you let your body do his/her/their healing, free of mind activity and within a sacred and very safe container: the height of non-doing!

Currently, I value an Original session at $305. 

Sliding scale option available. More info below. 

The Radical

The exquisitely crafted Radical is IM at its most targeted and precise…and, of course, it remains luxuriously soft all throughout as well.


This session is a gorgeously curated 55 minutes. The shifts here are profound and immediately felt as well—in just-right, radically potent, enlightenment- on- your- lunch- hour proportions.  (I call this format the Radical because radical healing doesn't have to take long!)


We integrate in this format as we go along, too–that’s an integral part of IM. (The process can be proportioned to a complete 45-minute container for those who need true “lunch hour” time!)

Currently, I value a Radical session at $145.

Sliding scale option available. More info below. 

Rock Balancing
Thick Forest

Sliding Scale

Inquiry Meditators run the economic spectrum. For some IM’ers, paying my full valuation works just fine. For other IM’ers, sliding scale makes ongoing dedicated practice possible. It is a sacred commitment for me to support all who genuinely want to do this work as best I can.


Click below for more. 

Some notes about full sessions

My emphasis always is on each meditator’s bodily capacity for integration--during sessions, yes; and also post-session.
Note: not your mind’s capacity, but your body’s capacity! They are two different things! 
Different bodies process at different speeds and at different depths. As a rule, though,  less is better, especially when starting out, in terms of how much a given body can smoothly integrate. 
And so, as a general rule the Original may be better suited for those who have worked with other somatic/spiritual practices. If you are new to somatic work, you may want to start with the Radical for some sessions and then work up to the Original. 
There are exceptions to this rule, of course. 
I’ve worked with meditators who’ve done zero somatic anything, and they responded well to the depth of the Original. (We moved with great care, of course, as I do in all cases to the best of my ability.) 
I’ve also worked with meditators who have vast experience with different healing (and somatic) modalities, and they prefer the Radical. The shorter format is better for their bodily processing and integration. 
Please keep all of this in mind. Follow what your body leans toward. 
Here are more thoughts on which format may work better for you.

You may want to try the Original if:

  • You have worked with other somatic/spiritual practices

  • You’re in the midst of a major life evolution, you felt a taste of genuine relief during (and/or after) the Experience, and You. Are. Ready. 

  • You’re on your glorious seeker’s path to Enlightenment, and you want all the spiritual smoke. (The more I work with IM, the more I know that its possibilities are limitless! Let’s gooooooo.) 

  • You sense, after your IM Experience, that it easily could’ve run longer than the one hour.

Multi-session package deals are available for the Original. 

Rock Balancing
Rock Balancing

You may want to try the Radical if:

  • You are new to somatic healing modalities. 

  • You are carrying a lot of very heavy trauma; and you (rightfully and very wisely) sense that your capacity for seeing such dense content fits better with smaller doses.  

  •  You want to practice, but you don’t have a lot of time, and the shorter format is better for your schedule. 

  • Your IM Experience runs shorter than or close to the one hour designated for it.

Multi-session package deals are available for the Radical. 


Either way you go...

Both the Original and the Radical ensure you are practicing. That is what matters most. 

The IM growth is sacred and real. Session by session, and within each and every session with both the Original and the Radical formats: suffering and blocks do dissolve, and happiness increases.


Sunset at the Beach

"I have had amazing results from our session. I really can't express the relief I feel. Thank you."

-Karyn D.

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