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Will Inquiry Meditation work for me? 

IM may be a great fit for you if...

  • You have a present-day concern (work-related, emotional, interpersonal, health, financial, etc) with which you'd like to engage. 

  • You have an issue from your past that still affects you. 

  • You value self-awareness and personal growth. 

  • You are sincere in your desire to grow as a person.

Small Stones
"Inquiry Meditation feels like a message from my higher self. I feel lighter, like I’m releasing resistance and layers. I become aware of certain ways I’ve been feeling  but have never quite verbalized, and I’m able to give myself game-changing answers."

Nikki T.

Results Inquiry Meditators report

  • Greater clarity about the next right thing to do for their current-day problem

  • A sensation of spaciousness within the body

  • A deep sense of well-being

  • Greater compassion for their current and childhood selves and for other people in general

  • Greater self-trust and trust in life

  • Deeper felt connection within themselves and with others

Mosaic Stones
"Leslie’s ability to hold space and guide you through the inquiry process she has developed has been helpful in allowing me to feel more confident in my decisions and break dualistic/ all or nothing beliefs about my personal relationships." 

Olivia A.

IM may NOT be a great fit if...

  • You feel great attachment to your worldview and great resistance to it shifting. 

  • You are mentally unwell and require medical and/or psychiatric care. 

  • You feel great resistance to somatically oriented healing modalities.

Aerial View of Sea
"Working with Leslie felt like having healing time with a loving mother who gave my inner child freedom to be and to go through whatever she needed.  Leslie was attentive & danced with all my inner child brought up. She then gently transferred the parent role to me, creating a lasting space within me of love &  acceptance.  I came away  with greater acceptance of whatever I am going through on a day to day basis."

Laura D. 

Waves on the Rocks

Intrigued? Cool!  

One hour can put you on a happier, truer path. Try the IM Experience. 

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