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Book a Consultation! 

The IM Experience is an initial level of the practice that will teach you how the major tenets of IM—approval, softness, and, seeing—all work together.


We'll chat some so I can tailor your Experience. 

You'll choose a topic that's been troubling you for your practice; or, we'll see what arises in the moment--both fantastic options.


We will practice. 


You will feel relief and clarity around your topic.


And you will have the tools to continue feeling better and better. 


We will reflect and digest. 

IM Experience Consultation time and cost: 1 hour, $225. 

Learn about full IM sessions here

Cracked Rocks
Sea Shore

"Working with Leslie has been one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. In just a few sessions, I worked through and came to a clearer understanding (and approval!) of challenges I’ve been facing my whole life than I managed to get to in years of therapy, no joke. Leslie channels something incredibly powerful and loving and healing in her sessions—I’ve never felt anything like it before, and I can’t recommend her enough."

Laura H. 

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