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A Free Meditation For You! 

Click here to begin listening to a somatically minded 8-minute audio meditation for when you’re frazzled/out of sorts/pissed off/overwhelmed/anxious/snarky/sad.  

(Note: If you play it from you phone, give the screen one gentle scroll downward and you'll see the orange circle button to play the recording.)

I use it on myself and it helps! It’ll take you from, say, an 8 to a 4 or 5 in terms of feeling bad. Not bad for under 10 min:).

Really, though, it's great for any time you want to soothe your nervous system a bit. 

I'd also love to go into deeper IM exploration with you via my email list. 


As my Thank You for joining, you'll immediately receive an 11-minute audio mediation designed to help you in ANY kind of moment: great, terrible, "normal," frustrated, relieved, content...this meditation will help you be more at peace with whatever your right now is looking like. 

I'll send what I hope are helpful insights and updates (and meditations and such) as I am moved, and I'm not particularly spammy. I hope you'll sign up.

And don't forget your free 8-minute meditation here

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