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Silas, the Mother Tree, and the Three Secrets to a Happy Life

Once upon a time, I lived in Brazil.

While there, I visited the botanical gardens in Rio de Janeiro. There, I spotted the prettiest tree. It wasn't the grandest...but there was something very special about this particular tree. I felt pulled toward her and had to hold her, hug her, as best I could. It was embarrassing, but I hugged the hell out of that tree in front of everyone else in the garden. And she talked to me--the tree did indeed talk to me--and gave me some important advice. I called her the Mother Tree.


Years later, I was inspired to write this short story based on the Mother Tree and my experience with her, and because I was so in love with the story, I also got it illustrated.


The name of the story is "Silas, The Mother Tree, and the Three Secrets to a Happy Life." I call it a children's story for adults.  

The story flowed like warm water as I wrote it and was such an easy joy, and it is my gift to you. 

I hope it brightens your day, especially if you're feeling down. But it's good for any time. Feel free to share it with loved ones and to read it to children as well:).  I ask only that you treat my work ethically. And I trust that that will happen:). 

Please find the Google doc for it here

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