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Sliding Scale 


The Inquiry Meditators who use my sliding scale pay all along the scale spectrum.


Some pay very close to my full session valuations; some pay a fraction; and some pay somewhere in the middle. 


It works because IM’ers who use my sliding scale answer this question genuinely: 


What amount feels joyous to pay Leslie…and also is happily sustainable for me to practice?


In answering, each meditator lands on the payment amount that’s real for her in her body: no more, and no less. Just what’s real. 


Depending on where you are in your life, seeing my valuations may feel intimidating (or not). I've been both broke as hell and quite secure at different times, so I understand both perspectives.


I charge the value I genuinely feel the work is worth--and will let that value rise as it will--so that I am available to those dedicated meditators who can pay it.


I also offer no-strings, pay-what-you-can sliding scale to make the practice accessible to those dedicated meditators who, in this right now, have some degree of difficulty paying the full valuation. 

In other words: I am 100 percent and with all my heart honoring my worth and my desire to make a very happy living doing this work that I love so much...and I also am 100 percent and with all my heart honoring my knowing that the soul's worth is beyond any price--and thusly, I also am honoring each meditator where she genuinely is by making this practice accessible to all who want it.  

The scale is made of love.

Meditators can move as they will, as life flows, along the scale.

Some meditators start at the full valuation and then slide down for a while. People’s incomes and resources shift.  

Fortunately, that fact works both ways, because other meditators start along the scale and then slide up to my full valuation–and boy oh boy, do I love when that happens! 

There is no pressure in either direction of the scale, though, because it, like IM, is made of genuineness and trust–on my part and the part of each meditator. 

And this is why the scale works–because it’s made of good stuff. It works because the love is real–my love for each meditator and theirs for me, the love felt session by session, and, ultimately and always, the love–the energy–that inspires this work.

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