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Inquiry Meditation

The premise of Inquiry Meditation is that non-doing--the process of actively being with our pain, that is--dissolves that pain and renders us calmer, clearer, and happier. 

This premise may sound strange, but it works!


We often start in the tradition of Byron Katie's brilliant self-inquiry process, The Work, by gently coaxing forth our pain into a thought form we can examine.

The thought form could be anything: "This client is driving me crazy," or "Why can't I stop eating these cookies?", or "My kids don't appreciate me," or "I'll never find a partner," or "My cholesterol is too high," or "I'm gonna be out on the street," or "I hate myself," or "He/She/They are such a fucking asshole." (Our thoughts aren’t always nice, are they?) 


No thought form is too big or small or serious or petty. All that matters is that it is "scratchy" and causing you to suffer.


From here, we begin our inquiry. 

"Leslie brings a sense of calm curiosity to our sessions. She facilitates in a way that makes me feel guided but at the same time totally in control. Instead of feeling gutted and in a dissociative state, like I did after old therapy appointments, I leave our sessions with a sense of clarity and deep healing. I feel like I'm healing myself from the inside out. I couldn't be more grateful."
( Read the rest of this review here!)

Erika S.


Does non-doing mean we don't do anything about our problems? 

​Not doing anything is passive inaction. (Sometimes, not doing anything is the exactly right and reasonable thing to do.)


Non-doing, though, is a deeply active and systematic (and very gentle) process of engagement with problems and pain of all kinds, and life on the whole.  


You've probably tried to do many things about your pain. Yet it comes back again and again.



Because doing, in this context, is of the mind.


The mind cannot heal pain. It can provide explanations, and it can make lists and action plans; but it cannot liberate us from pain. 

But the body can!


The body is of the present moment--and it is this, the present moment, our presence, that heals. 

The key to healing is being present to our pain. 

Inquiry Meditation includes elements of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, The Work by Byron Katie, and Vipassana Meditation--all modalities that enable us to be present with our pain. I have blended elements from these modalities along with some others, to create a balanced, beautiful, and truly reliable method of coming into somatic resonance with even the deepest pain--of becoming deeply present to it--and thus alchemizing it. 

This work is soooo good, y'all!

And from this profoundly wise and integrated space, any action you take regarding your problems and pain will be inspired and far more effective. 

You'll notice, though, that from this space--from nondoing: more and more things will just flow. You'll find things working out more easily with far less effort on your part. 


Schedule your IM Experience and you'll answer for yourself:). 

"It’s hard to describe my sessions with Leslie, as they really are all about taking the focus away from mental understanding and putting it in the body’s wisdom. What we did together felt fucking huge. "

Nina F.

Waterfall in nature

Your liberation awaits. 

Bit by bit. Session by session. Click below to schedule an IM Experience and see for yourself. 

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