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I create high-engagement, interactive, and heartfelt talks for all kinds of groups and events. IM is flexible like that!


I would love to talk more with you. Please reach out and let's discuss! 

I recently had the honor of speaking at the monthly Seeing Whiteness, a group that does amazing anti-racist work.


I talked about how, when we do anything, including the noble work of anti-racism, from a space of resistance, we might win an immediate “fight” in the short term that comes from being “against” something (racism, in this case)…but as long as the bodily sensation of resistance is within, it will  again and again manifest on the external plane as more battles to fight.  This is true in all areas of life.


But when we are willing to turn to the resistance, and sit with it, and see it….with no agenda of doing anything to it….


What happens when we look at something in this manner? Because normally, we don’t simply look. Normally, we do something at this point.


“But we’ve gotta do something!”


Or do we?


 As Byron Katie would say, “Is it true?” Do we have something from this space?


What  happens when we simply…look? With no agenda of doing something about, or doing something to, our pain? Any pain?  


I’ll give you a hint: magic. Very powerful, and very very gentle, magic happens.


This is what we practiced! The group members got to feel in their bodies the power of nondoing.


I do believe that non-doing is what will heal us, in each one of our very bodies. It  will heal us of our trauma, both personal and global.


And this is how we can liberate ourselves, with every little bit of seeing.


In the beginning of this this video clip, I’m leading meeting participants through a light Inquiry Meditation experience. Which is why I might look a little trance-like:). The rest of the clip is post-IM experience.

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