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Clear Water

Liz R. 

"Leslie is such a gifted and patient practitioner. 

I came to Inquiry Meditation already somewhat familiar with The Work, but the times I had tried it it had never really stuck for me. Leslie created such a spacious, easy, judgment-free container that it was much easier to go deeper than I ever have before and I’m still feeling the ripples of safety and belonging in my body that we co-created. 


It was really more the quality of the space than anything else that let me go so deep. I ended up exploring disgust, which was a very scary and triggering emotion for me, so much so that a few weeks earlier when I had tried to explore it through a meditation I only got seconds in and then had to spend two hours scrolling Instagram to re-regulate.


But under Leslie’s careful, intuitive guidance I was able to feel the disgust, express the disgust, and get to the little girl trapped in the past who had experienced it and rescue her."

Elisabeth C.

"I am a licensed clinical social worker and addictions counselor. Personal psychotherapy is part of my training. Over the 20+ years of my career, I have utilized many diverse modalities as a practitioner and client. Having the privilege of working with Leslie Quigless has been by far one of the best and most effective therapeutic experiences I have ever encountered.


Leslie radiates warmth and generosity and creates the perfect holding environment to allow for deep emotional work and healing to take place. She is patient, kind, and encouraging.


Leslie has been able to help me process things that no one else has been able to access with me. I am grateful to her for her generosity and gentleness when I am at my most vulnerable. Investing in my work with Leslie has yielded some profound healing for me. I cannot recommend her strongly enough."

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Colorful Nature

Loren F.

"Inquiry Meditation offers the chance to return to childhood experiences that are the sources of painful beliefs and patterns that still affect you today. In returning to the root experiences - there is a chance to see things more clearly, to embrace a fuller truth of the reality, and to have a somatic experience of healing.


I feel as though I have been able to time travel and let a younger version of myself express thoughts and feelings she never got to express, shed tears she never got to shed, and have support from the ultimate source of wisdom, love, and comfort – me, the person who knows her best.

Because IM is not talking about a memory – but immersing yourself in an experience – your nervous system gets to have an experience of healing it hasn’t had before. The insights stay with you, because they live in your body.


Leslie is a solid source of grounding, love, wisdom, and comfort who can share this work with others because of her devotion to the process and each person's experience with it."

Rock Face

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IM Experience? 

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