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Leslie, what is your religion? (Post #3 of 4 of the "It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an IM questions series!)

My religion consists of three words:


Follow the body.


The body is my religion because it is made of nature, made of Goddess, made of God, and is our reliable connection to the eternal and to higher dimensions.


The body is the Keeper of our Integrity. (And our triggers are our exact, perfect integrity, which is why to be kind to our triggers is to be in exact integrity with, in perfection harmony, with our bodies-God-Life Herself. Another post.)


The body does indeed keep the score, and like the true wild and decent animal that she is, she does not lie, cheat, or steal—not in any way that is out of integrity with her animalness, that is. She seeks glory as her North Star, she kills as is exactly necessary and fair, and she wants only what is hers, and it just so happens that she is as big as the sky.

Through the body, we can access heaven, oneness, and bring it/her/them/him to earth.


True religion, regardless of the tradition, necessarily points to the body as an entry point to heaven.


Religion that is of the world, regardless of the tradition, seeks to separate us from our bodies. It needs to, to control us.



Here is what I love most about my religion.


My religion loves me. My body loves me.


Typically, nature, the body, moves more slowly than the mind.  


If I slow down, I can feel this love. It’s kind of the only way I can truly feel this love. Because it’s the only way I can truly feel.


This is why, when I teach IM, we start with the breath. The breath contains primary heavenlove and comfort. And if we will slow down, we will feel this love and comfort.


When we slow down, we can start anew. We can change our lives. The next moment actually can be new.


Because the cool thing about nature is that the slower, the sweeter, the gentler, the softer you go: the more powerful, the more exactly precise right, the fucking faster and good, that things end up.


As I frequently say in sessions, when we give the body all the time she needs, she doesn’t need much time.


And yes, typically, nature, the body, moves more slowly than the mind.

Until she doesn’t.

Remember I said that.

The body is my religion because our bodies are the shit.


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