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Even more thoughts about the body!

I want to add a little more to what I said yesterday.


Your natural body, your real body, your body that is made of nature, the one you can feel when you notice you are breathing: it is eternal. If we have awareness, if we are in our right minds: even the deepest trauma cannot take away our natural bodies, our true bodies. Because while trauma is of this material plane: eternity is not.


The unseen inner child body—the one you feel when you have hateful thoughts about your body and/or being in it…or, just think of it as your triggered self: more and more of that bodyself is returned, is redeemed, to its true eternal natural body, when we will see it.


Your natural body contains…is…your seen inner child.


So: the body you hate, or the body don’t feel good in, or your triggered self: this is made of the unseen inner child.


And when we will see it:


It is redeemed, returned, to its true natural self. To its eternal bodyself.


And so: what is unseen, what is unconscious, feeling charge, “I hate myself/my body/my life,” the triggered self, the unseen inner child: this is what we think of as “our body.” As “this is me, this is how I think, this is who I am.”


This is not the body I’m saying I follow.


What I am saying is: see that body.


See what is unseen, what is unconscious, feeling charge, “I hate myself/my body/my life,” the triggered self, the unseen inner child: see this body.


Your seeing it will redeem it.


And just as the unseen inner child bodyself spoke to you and influenced your life so fiercely and powerfully and unconsciously:


The seen inner child will do so just as fiercely and powerfully…and consciously.


These inner babies truly love us and will show up to protect and guide us.


It’s just that their love and protection and guidance will either arise and manifest consciously or unconsciously in our bodies.


Unconscious love, or unconsciousness, feels like hell. It is hell. 


Conscious love, or consciousness, feels like heaven. It is heaven.


Our seen inner children are our holy spirit selves. Maybe it’s more accurate to say they carry the holy spirit. Or maybe: they are how the holy spirit is, how it manifests, in us. Our seen inner children carry, or they are, the eternal within which all can be healed.


I suspect I’m all in the weeds semantically:), but what matters is the somatic feelingness of what I’m pointing toward: that this is the body that is my religion.


And these seen inner babies? Well, just like they will keep things, and keep us, fucked up until we see them? Once we see them, they will take care of everything for us. They have this power because they are of, they are made of, nature. They are our innocence.


And innocence is not a joke. In our culture innocence is considered a weakness, a liability: one who is innocent is considered prey. Not so. Not in the true sense of the word, not at all. In the truest sense, innocence—our softness, our gentleness, our sweetness—is absolute power. More on all that another time.


I just wanted to expand on what I’ve said in my past couple of posts.


Next up, I think, I hope, if I am not sidetracked by some other pressing idea that demands expression first…but next up is Question 4 of 4 in my “It’s a bird, it’s a plane” questions series:


What’s the one question Goddess and God will ask us when we die?


My only hint: Goddess and God are cool as hell and ask good-ass questions.


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