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Adventures in Being Triggered Post #5:What are emotional triggers? And how do we heal them?

Note: this post isn't quite an update...but it was helpful for me to write. To and for myself, first. I hope it helps you as well in your adventures being triggered.

Emotional triggers are your inner child and mine—our unseen, not-yet integrated inner children, that is.

Until we see them--gently, gently, of course--these inner children live unconsciously within us.

They live unconsciously within us as our bad habits, as beating up and shaming ourselves, as the “bad” parts of us that keep whack-a-mole coming up, as painful situations we keep finding ourselves in, as pain-filled responses to those painful situations, all despite our best efforts.

These inner children keep coming up not because they are bad, and not because YOU are bad.

Quite the opposite.

They return again and again praying to be seen. Thank goodness for their insistence on their innocence. For their insistence that we integrate them. Our emotional triggers coming up is the beginning of how we can heal them.

For when they come up, we see them! And once we seem them, once they are integrated: then they can live consciously within us as the power, as the love, we’ve been looking for all this time.

Our unseen, not-yet integrated inner children—our triggers—are unconscious expressions of our knowing: our power. Expressions of power we had to suppress as children because had we exercised them, we would’ve been stomped like bugs.

And so, quite geniusly, we suppressed what we knew, and we suppressed our power, and we suppressed it so well, to the necessary degree, that it was like it had never existed. It was the exact right move.

Our triggers—all of them—arise only to awaken you to conscious expression of your power.

The more powerful the trigger, the more (suppressed) power the trigger contains.

A little bit of gentle seeing is all that is needed.

When our sweet bad habits arise, when our trying-so-hard parts arise to beat and shame us into acceptability to ensure we are loved and will survive…say this:

“I see you.”

See what happens.

Perhaps you’ll stop here. That would be perfect.

If, though, and only if, your body has capacity: take the huge risk of smiling gently at the trigger.

See what happens.

Perhaps you’ll stop here. That would be perfect.

If, though, your body has capacity: Hold the trigger close. Kiss its sweet little fingers. Tell it it did a great job coming to you.

See what happens.


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