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Adventures in Being Triggered: My grand experiment in (joyous) emotional triggering

We all get emotionally triggered.

Okay, Eckhart Tolle seemingly does not. Sigh.

But most of us know this experience can be agonizing. Pure bodily misery. It can be truly fucking awful.

But...and don't shoot me...but is it possible for us to be gloriously triggered? Bodily glorious in our misery and even in love with our triggers? Is it possible that our triggers are the key to our happiness? What would happen if we treated them this way?

I think it is possible, y'all. I think tolerating, and then liking, and then loving, and then adoring our emotional triggers: this approach is indeed a vital key to our happiness.

I'll go even further--I am declaring that this approach is part of the next frontier in dealing with all levels of emotional pain and in healing trauma. I'm betting everything on it.

Read about my experiment and adventures in claiming my glory even as I am triggered--even because I am triggered--in the below posts.

These posts (nine in total and titled Post #s 1-9) are named as " Adventures in Being Triggered" and they start on Jan 2, 2024. This is because my triggering began when? January Fucking First! (I wrote about it the next day.)

You'll notice there are some posts in the middle of these posts... as in, there are some non-"Adventures" posts mixed in. T'would be good to not skip over those--as in, read the posts in order. They all help to tell a more complete, cohesive story.

I hope you'll be moved to read all of my posts. They're an accurate way to get to know me and see what I'm about in my day-to-day life and also see what IM means to me...and how it's constantly evolving.

Ultimately, though, do you! Read how you will.

Feel free to leave comments, feedback, and questions, by the way. That would be very welcome.

I am glad that you are here. Take good care with yourself, and here is Blog Post #1 about my adventure!



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