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Adventures in Being Triggered Post #4: How to talk to (and how to heal) an emotional trigger.

Here’s a snippet of my Inquiry Meditation (IM) process yesterday—this is what yesterday’s blog post, “How to be (consciously) triggered AF,” was about. I’m talking to the trigger.

Sorry the sound is low—I was talking pretty quietly. And I recorded on my computer, which apparently is quite fuzzy.

You’ll notice as I talk: some shaking, some smiles, some tears. It’s all the energy of the trigger coming up; glad to be seen; and releasing.

I don’t know the exact content of the trigger—what exactly is being released. Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. You don't need to know the content, though, to heal an emotional trigger. All that is needed is some good ol' nondoing.

Nondoing is a deeply engaged process. It means refraining from doing something to or about the upset (the trigger), and instead being with it. Nondoing is hard as shit sometimes. And it's so fucking beautiful and worth it and worthy. One way for me to nondo with a trigger, to truly be with it, is to talk to it.

Note: I'm not being with the trigger so it’ll go away. To the contrary, I am being w it in recognition that the trigger is precious cargo.

Sometimes I don’t have time, or I don’t have capacity, to sit w triggers in this manner. In those cases, I explain this to the trigger. It understands. It just wants reassurance that I do at least see it. I talk soothingly to it as best I can as I go about my day.

Haha, watch to the end...nothing--well, almost nothing, not even this trigger--is above a little humor:).


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