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A 5-D Perspective on How to Heal Trauma

I love practicing & teaching my modality, Inquiry Meditation (IM), bc I get to play in the multiversal Field of Possibility: 5-D and beyond.

Here, knowing simply happens.

The IM energy, as I call it, feels like Beingness that takes form(s) so my limited human brain can process, transmit, & steward the energy evermore accurately.

I call these forms angels. Sometimes it feels like one being. Sometimes it feels like more than being. It’s all energy & it cheerfully gives zero fucks what it’s called.

The next sentence is a real ego-deflater for me, but here goes: None of the above makes me special.

We’re all made of this energy. We all belong to the multiverse &we’re all made of the magical nonphysical (and maaaaybe physical???) connective tissue—the energy—that makes up the multiverse.

So, the energy doesn’t feel particularly supernatural. It feels merely super-duper natural.

(Is all this religious or non-religious? “Sure!” says the energy.)

What is the IM energy/Angelic/5-D perspective on healing trauma?

Here is my interpretation: “The conscious expression of trigger energy—the conscious expression of trauma that has been seen—is joy.”

In other words:

The energy wants us to heal our trauma, to see it and thus heal it, so we can access & carry capacity for & thus be transmitters of evermore evermore evermore joy here in our limited 3-D realm.

They are profoundly compassionate. They see what we’ve been through. And they see the ultimate truth of us. Their guidance always reflects this larger perspective. Their restraint is precise.

And they know the healing process itself, the seeing of the trauma, must be deeply approving & without agenda & as friendly as we can stand. It must be gentle.

For they are truly gentle beings. Thusly, they know that softness—true softness, not simpness—OF COURSE also is pure OG fuck around & find out-ness, too. They are thorough.

Boys and girls, I do believe the future of trauma healing is upon us. And it is made of joy. There is pain in our bodies, of course. But this is pain that has already happened. And it is arising in hope of transmutation.

And there is help. 

Let us see all this as the Good News that it is.


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