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IM and Sensation

The Root of Feeling

I spoke here about our triggers and our suffering being messages from our younger selves. 

But how do those triggers and suffering manifest?

The answer may seem obvious, but they manifest as feelings. 

And even more specifically…these feelings manifest as sensations in our bodies. 

Polished Stones
Colorful Crystal

Sensation: Where Freedom Occurs

And so, in Inquiry Meditation, we work at the level of sensation. For it is here that upsets, both shallow and  trauma-level profound, get stuck. It is here that we are triggered. It is here that the inner child may be felt. It is here that we suffer. 


Thus, it is here, at the level of sensation, that we can truly free ourselves. And we absolutely can free ourselves. And if we are willing to be consistent, we absolutely can free ourselves 100 percent.

I believe that possibility to be our birthright.

And I know of no other technology more precise than working at the level of sensation to heal our suffering.

"I have had amazing results from our session. I really can't express the relief I feel. Thank you." 

Karyn D. 

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