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Full IM Sessions

You've done the IM Experience. 

You indeed feel lighter, rejuvenated, and empowered.

Or, you're foregoing the Experience to dive into practice.

Either way: you want to practice IM in a full-session capacity!

Read on for information about this offering. 

Dolhareubang with Sunset

Full IM Sessions

During full IM sessions, change happens at the very deepest level. Shifts are profound and immediately felt...and they are so very  loving and gentle.  We integrate as we go along during sessions, so post-session integration is smooth and feels good.  

Sessions last anywhere from 1.25 to 2 hours, depending on each meditator’s bodily processing and also the kind and degree of breakthrough that wants to happen during a given session: we follow the meditator's bodily wisdom and see what arises! Each session is a work of art and an adventure, so no two are just alike.


 What you can count on within each and every session, though, is lasting, palpable diminishment of suffering around your presenting pain/problem/trigger...and deeply felt increase in pleasure, ease, joy, and peace. 

Single session: $315


6-session package, $1,794

12-week package $3,000

Packages are designed for meditators to practice on a weekly basis and include generous between-session text/email support.  

If you really want to practice but the full session pricing feels like a barrier: do the IM Experience ($225). If this work is for you, the shift that is needed will occur so you can keep going. 


Relief is entirely possible! 


Take the first step! 

Sunset at the Beach

"I've spent lots of hours and lots of money with top Park Avenue psychiatrists who would listen and listen, but never come back 
with any solutions or tools to help me move forward or understand where my pain and problems were coming from, or why.

Leslie listens and then gives me the tools to dig deeper and, as a result, feel better by using these wonderful tools. Her approach is a real revelation and revolution , because it works. It works really well."

Erik V.

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