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The IM Experience

Book a consultation with me for a taste of IM that will allow you to experience the meditation’s essence—and effectiveness!


The IM Experience is a lighter level of the practice that will lighten, rejuvenate, and empower you—as well as demonstrate how the tenets of IM—approval, space, and deep seeing—so gorgeously work together.  ​​

We'll chat a bit first so I can tailor your Experience and deliver exactly the level of seeing you want.


We'll practice together. 


And from there, you can see what feels good in terms of next steps. ​


IM Experience Consultation time and cost: 60 minutes, $50.


Consultation without the IM Experience: 30 minutes, $25. 

Schedule now!  

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Cracked Rocks
Sea Shore

"All I can say is “Wow!”


I must admit that I was a skeptic at first because I had never really had success meditating on my own in the past. I would always find my mind racing as I thought about everything that I needed to do…. I had difficulty settling down and locking in.


Now I am absolutely amazed because during my sessions with Leslie, she helped me with my breathing and she guided me through discovering a place of calm and inner peace. Leslie’s voice is gentle and soothing and her care and compassion for others is genuine. My sessions have left me feeling lighter. Thank you Leslie!"

 Shauna G. 

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