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IM, Pleasure, and Feeling Good

Talking about pleasure may not seem to have much to do with Inquiry Meditation, since, oftentimes, we’re working on stuff we associate with un-fun: trauma, shadow work, pain, etc. 


But pleasure, and feeling good, at least for the way I practice, have EVERYTHING to do with Inquiry Meditation. They are in fact IM’s foundation. So let's chat about it! 


First and foremost, as far as I’m concerned: 


Pleasure is the point. Of all of it. Feeling good is the point. It’s really why we do everything we do. So there’s that. 


And in IM, as you see what hasn’t been seen, as you make conscious what was unconscious, as you greet it with some welcome, it shifts in some way. It redistributes. It leaves. It dissolves. It transmutes. 


However it shifts,  room is left. This is why IM’ers frequently speak of feeling lighter. It’s because they’ve cleared space. And that space is the natural “feelin’ good” nature of the Universe. 


Feeling good is what the Universe feels like. 


Feeling good is the frequency of the Universe, the frequency of creation. I think it’s the frequency of love. 


Feeling good, therefore, is real power. Pleasure in your body is powerful. 


To put it more bluntly: 


Pleasure in your body is POWER. 


Just as important, pleasure feels good! It feels good to feel good! 


Inquiry Meditation clears the way for you to feel evermore good, evermore of the time. 


BUT–and this is an important “but,” which I’m sure you caught since I put it caps, and you catch on quick, I know– 


But the IM process itself feels deeply good.


 Pain does come up. You do feel the pain. But it feels good to watch it respond to welcome. It feels good to experience it transmute. It feels fundamentally good to love it because love feels good.  It never, never gets old for me to witness this alchemy. 


I’m not trying to sell IM as a pain-free or pleasurable process. Moving energy is real. But the IM energy is on some 4D/5D shit, and they–sometimes the energy feels like a “they” to me–are a kind, lighthearted and super-cool energy that will indeed help you move your pain…and they want you to feel really good while you do that. They know that that is possible. Even necessary. Maybe even inevitable.


The IM process itself carries the frequency of good feelingness, and really, good will,  because just like with everything else, the end result of the thing  carries the frequency of its makings, its journey. 


So, you must feel good while you do the thing that will make you feel good. 




On a whole separate note, kind of: 


As you do the good and noble work of lovingly tending your darkness: 


Do make a point of also tending your pleasure. 


I mean just in general, unrelated to IM–and the IM energy enthusiastically supports this message:). I have a whole pleasure practice, thanks to Regena Thomashauer


I wouldn’t have stumbled upon IM by way of Byron Katie’s The Work were it not for my pleasure practice, which includes being in community with other like-minded women. 


So, this emphasis on pleasure is kind of baked into IM, because its genesis is rooted in the pursuit of feeling good. . 


Sometimes, if I have to choose between my IM practice and pleasure, I’ll choose pleasure. I encourage you to do the same when that feels right–and you'll sense when that feels right and when you need to sit your ass down with yourself –and the IM energy enthusiastically supports both choices:)! 




Because it’s all the same thing. Rather: it’s all made of the same thing.  


Pleasure, IM, love, kindness, feeling good, approval, power–yes, yes, yes, POWER: it’s all made of the same thing.




A friend of mine recently asked me, “What if I don’t heal all of my trauma wounds? What if I never get to the bottom of the trauma well?” 


Immediately, I answered, “Doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have a good time.” 

It's very easy to get caught in getting to the end of the trauma--just wanting the work to be DONE. I catch myself there, too. 



Create a space to meet yourself regularly, yes. Lovingly tend your darkness, yes. This tending does matter a great deal. Make progress with your issues. Obviously, I value this work very deeply.  


What I’m saying is, though, do not make your life a monument to your darkness and pain. 


What I’m saying is, do not wait to be all-the-way healed to create beautiful experiences. 


What I’m saying is, do not wait to love yourself until you are all-the-way healed. There is no way to know how long that will take.

What I am saying is: Pleasure heals trauma and pain, too. A lot. (Not addictive behavior but genuine pleasure.)


What I am saying is: Heal yourself, yes. Practice and meet yourself, yes...and LIVE WELL, too! Living well heals things, too.  


There are many many teachers who approach pleasure from so many angles and there are sooo many avenues to pursue. Your body will lead you to what will feel exactly amazing for you! 

If ever you want to discuss or explore,  just let me know.

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