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Weekly Community IM! 


Practicing in Community

The weekly Community IM drop-in online Zoom class is a great way to maintain your IM practice when you don't have the "on a daily/regular basis" time you'd like to dedicate to it, if practicing on your own just isn't happening right now, or if you know that, in the oceanic onslaught of urgent bullshit that relentlessly HAS to get done all the time...regularly-appointed days and times help you show up for the important, good-feeling things that genuinely improve your life. 

A great thing about IM: even doing a bit of it counts. All of it, every bit of seeing--it counts, and it will improve your life tangibly, reliably, and powerfully. This is all the more true if you're doing this bit regularly--and in a group setting!! #SYNERGY!!!!  

The Community IM class also is a great introduction to the practice if you're new to it and want to see if it's a great fit for you in a pretty low-stakes manner. 

Class flow (1 hour and 15 min total)

Part I (20 min): IM Container Creation--we must create a container within which to practice! And each and every container is its own unique work of art!! 

--a) IM Group Resonance-building and Synergizing! (5-10 min)

--b) M Witness and Welcome (our very sweet bodily transition into the practice) (10 min) 

Part II (30 min): IM Community Practice (30 min)

Please note that our practice includes some bodily integration, which helps ensure a smooth post-class integration experience. 


Part III (20 min): IM Integration: 

   --Small-group Reflections (10 min)

   --Large-group Q & A and/or Reflections (10 min)

Part IV (5 min):  IM Container Closing and Blessing (5 min)



--Day & time: Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST beginning Wednesday, Oct 25

--Gift/payment rate per class: $25 

--How to register and pay: At least 1 hour ahead of time or anytime before, please do the following:

        a) Send in your payment via Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, or Zelle

        b)Let me know here that you're coming! (A simple "Leslie, I'm             coming through" message is fine.)

       c) At least one hour ahead of the class, I'll send you the Zoom link code to get into the meeting to the email from which you've let me know you're coming. The code, I believe, will change with each class.  

**If ever you are interested in a different day and time, feel free to gather together a small group and let me know! 


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