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About Inquiry Meditation

I stumbled across Byron Katie's dazzlingly profound  self-inquiry process called The Work years ago.  It was so simple, though, that it went over my head.  It wasn't until I watched Katie in action that I understood why she describes her method as a meditation.  For as she says, the magic is in providing space for our troubling thoughts--it's the space that allows us to really examine what we're thinking.

I began practicing The Work and was astonished by the result: I consistently felt better each time I finished. Like--really deeply good. Sometimes, the circumstance about which I was upset changed; sometimes, it didn't. Either way, I felt better. Lighter. 

As I sank more and more deeply into the practice, somatic and magical and sensation-based synchronicities and connections made themselves known...and so my sweet modality began revealing itself. It is ever-evolving. I became--I become--reliably, quantifiably happier with each Inquiry Meditation session I do and teach--not "bouncing off the walls"-happier, but "in a good mood for no reason and for longer and longer periods of time"-happier. Lastingly happier. 

Friends noticed my shifts and asked if I'd show them how to do IM. They, too, experienced profound spaces open within them and began telling their friends, yada yada yada, here you are reading about IM.


(Seinfeld, anyone? "Festivus for the rest of us?" If so, high five!) ​

Anyhoo: those same shifts and spaces are entirely possible for you as well. Click below to learn more! 

"Inquiry Meditation feels like a message from my higher self. I feel lighter, like I’m releasing resistance and layers. I become aware of certain ways I’ve been feeling  but have never quite verbalized, and I’m able to give myself game-changing answers."

Nikki T.

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