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Rock Balancing

Annelle T. 

"The sacred, loving, and fully supportive container that Leslie creates each time we meet virtually (!!) to engage in Inquiry Meditation together is so full of approval that not only do I find her embodied manner of holding space during so effective, I also find myself learning to see and approve of all my parts, all of the archetypes within, all of the conditioning, all of the ways my inner child was just trying to survive and be her best self amidst confusing messages from culture.

Leslie is a shadow illumination guide who has the keen awareness of how to guide one through a process that holds space for both the deepest joy and the biggest pain. Because Leslie is so grounded and true to reminding me to be with all of me as she is with all of her, I am able to more fully do that.


And that is where the suffering begins to fade away into being one of many sensations that I experience daily—one that I have more and more capacity to witness and honor. The time I have spent with Leslie is fully life-affirming and it’s changed and affected my life deeply in just a few sessions!

The nuanced deepening of The Work that Leslie had intuitively created using her Inquiry Meditation method  is so powerful, I am at a loss with words because it’s that embodied. Just do it! Now! This is real healing on a personal, interpersonal, lineage, ancestral and, therefore, future and cosmic level. It really is that powerful!"

Sophie P.

"Leslie is JUST SO MAGIC. She was recommended to me by a couple of MIT types so I was intrigued. I’m dealing with a lot of crap at the moment connected to expanding my business, dealing with my father’s death, family tensions. You know. Life.

The moment I met Leslie, I just sort of melted. Her voice is so gentle yet powerful… and I’m a voice coach so I should know - but anyone will feel it, just lovely. I could immediately feel myself sinking into a kind of a reverie. It’s a complete delight to be in her presence - I felt I could let go and relax. 


I knew instinctively I could trust this woman. She led me so beautifully on this journey, and as a result I was able to go SO SO deep! I do a fair amount of this kind of integrative, deep work and Leslie took me to another level. She’s developed such an excellent, smart modality and then runs it through your brain like a silk waterfall of loving sweetness. 

I was SHATTERED when we finished our first session. So deep, so somatic, so brilliant. I managed to eat and go to bed, then the next couple of days were intense - I got everything done but I could feel something was about to be very different. A week later, I was already noticing really wild changes in my general tranquility, ability to give love to others effortlessly (because I’m giving it to myself so easily, innit!), stressful emails are wayyy less stressful, awkward situations seem smoother, the roughness of the anxieties of life is simple smoother as a direct result of the work I’ve done with Leslie. 

I’m able to ask for more money, gently and effectively assert boundaries, and BE CALM in situations that would have had me fretting for days. Inquiry Meditation is truly magic… real, material world, psychologically sound, beautiful, tender, powerful magic from an extremely talented practitioner."

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