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Preparing for 
Your IM Experience! 

Hello, dear Inquiry Meditator! 

I'm so excited that you've signed up for your IM Experience! 

Please see preparation information below 

I IM Experience date confirmation, Zoom link, and contacting me

Please check your email for a message from Calendly immediately after you book your IM Experience. This email should confirm the day and time of your appointment (yay!), as well as provide instructions for updating your appointment as needed. 

Please use this Zoom link for our call. 

If you need to reach me or have additional questions, please email me at

II Session Preparation


Please make sure you have the following ready–you may or may not use everything, but it’s great to have on hand just in case: 

-A pen or pencil and some paper (or a notebook or journal)


-Some tissue in case there are any tears (perfectly normal to shed some alchemical tears--they are one of many ways the body sheds old stuff it no longer needs. Also perfectly normal to have no tears.)


-A pillow or something soft and comforting to hold


-A beverage. Meditators often find it helpful to replenish with water, tea, or juice during the session. 


-Also, pee ahead of time:). 

III  Our IM practice will be gentle! 

Our practice will be very gentle. IM by nature is extraordinarily gentle. In fact, the premise of IM is that gentleness, softness, slowness, sweetness: this is the most powerful way to effect change. (It's true.) This is how I intend for you to feel all throughout and after! 

Please note that you may feel gently fatigued after your Experience. You might not, but if you do, it's completely normal. The reason is that being with yourself in this manner is a (nonphysical) muscle you may or may not be used to exercising. 

IV Time Immediately After Your IM Experience


If you can, please have time afterward, 15-30 min, to yourself--to stretch, rest, journal, take a walk.  No worries if you can't do this, though. Sometimes, even scheduling the time for yourself to book a consultation is a lot!  But if you're able to schedule in a bit of "down/integration" time afterward, awesome. 


V Post-IM Experience Integration


Speaking of "down/integration" time: Just as important as the energy you move during your IM Experience, is your continued, post-session integration of that energy.


I cannot emphasize this point enough!!!


Here is a link to a document called Post-Session Integration Information. Feel free to read it before the session as well.

VI Continuing on with Inquiry Meditation 

After your IM Experience, I want you to remain in bodily integration and not have to "switch" to logistical matters. And so, either later that day or the next day, I will email you to check in about your thoughts on continuing with the practice. 

Some meditators want to chat before proceeding with full sessions. Happy to do so via phone or Zoom if you'd like. 


Annnnd that's about it! 


Really excited for our work together, and see you soon!



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