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A single conversation can change everything

In addition to Inquiry Meditation, I also facilitate Transformational Conversations that illuminate truth, light up my clients, and empower them to act boldly. 

Balancing Rocks

Lisa C.

"My life was in a total tailspin when someone suggested I do some life coaching with Leslie Quigless.  I had just found out my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and I was in total despair.  I had talked to my family, gone to church, gone to therapy- and while all of those helped, I was still having a hard time coming to terms with my new reality. 


I knew life can throw you some curveballs, but I was not prepared for this one at all.  I could not eat, I could not sleep and I was barely doing what I needed to for our child.  I was constantly worrying about my husband, but also furious because he had known about the illness for a while and had not told me.  

While I did not know Leslie that well, our first session made me feel like we had known each other for years.  I did not feel ashamed crying in front of her because she made me feel so comfortable. The first thing she worked with me on was managing this newfound anxiety.  She had some tricks my therapist did not even know. 


Over time she helped me to handle coping with things that are not in my control.  She also helped with teaching me some good communication skills- which helped with my ability to connect with my husband and my son during this stressful time.  I do not know what the future holds--but I am so glad I have some tools to manage the unexpected."

Bianca W.

"I was struggling with finding a way to integrate my education, experience, and interests into the ‘perfect’ job. I wanted to feel like I could wake up every morning excited about doing fulfilling, meaningful work while still earning the income level I desired. I sought out Leslie because I needed someone to help me find my niche. I’m in the helping profession myself, but I still could not counsel my way into figuring this one out.  I felt indecisive, anxious and uncertain about every career move that I considered.

After talking with Leslie during our initial consultation, I could tell that she was going to help me navigate my confusion in an empowering, non-judgmental way. Through working together in our following sessions, I was able to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do and had a plan for how to approach my dreams.  The best part was that she helped me to listen to my inner truth and find the courage to follow it. Our experience together led me to launch my own business when I had always felt that it was better to stay safe and secure working for someone else.

I’m more fulfilled than I have ever been and I don’t doubt that venturing out to start helping people on my terms would not have happened (or happened so soon) if had not been for Leslie’s unique ability to hear what her clients are saying and help them to overcome their own obstacles. That is what she did for me, and for that I am forever grateful.

Rock Balancing
Rock Balancing

Benetta W.

"My husband and daughter needed to learn to listen to understand each other, and my daughter needed to feel she could express herself without being attacked or feeling she was being put down.


Leslie talked to my daughter and her dad in a compassionate and loving way. She was able to explain to my husband the importance of listening and allowing my daughter to express herself in a way he could actually receive. My daughter felt good after talking to Leslie and being free to express her feelings and not fearing she would be yelled at. My husband, after talking to Leslie, realized he had to change his approach with our daughter in allowing her to express how she felt. This change in him has has improved her self-esteem and her overall attitude.


What I liked about Leslie’s approach in talking to my daughter and her dad was her emphasis on building a better relationship between them. Her work with them helped tear down the wall of fear with my daughter and her dad and  helped my daughter feel supported not only by me but her dad as well."

Stone Balancing

Sonya S.

"I was struggling with knowing how to relax and let go. I was always tensed and unable to be in the moment. I was always on the go--running my daughter around and never taking proper time out to rest. I felt overwhelmed most times. I’d lost the ability to sit and enjoy the moment. I felt like my life was being controlled by the need to go all the time. I was always wondering what was next on my to do list.

I was nervous about opening up initially with Leslie. I didn't want to be vulnerable. I felt like being vulnerable was a sign of weakness. However, I felt very hopeful after the first session. I learned that I was living in survival mode—I was always living for a solution and not really taking the time out to enjoy the moment and allow life to be.

Working with Leslie, I've learned to let go of the desire to control how life happens. I’ve come to realize through breakthroughs that life is going to be up and down no matter what.  Leslie taught me how to regain the ability to meditate and to stay in the moment. She taught me how to stay with the process regardless of my desire to quit. She helped me process steps to let go of things I didn't realize I was carrying around.

Leslie’s coaching techniques allowed me to become vulnerable and angry. By doing that, I was able to address past events that I didn't realize were so connected to who I am today. It was refreshing and just what I needed to move forward.

I like that Leslie is very passionate about coaching. She welcomes you to have an open and honest opinion about how you feel rather than holding anything in. Staying true to your feelings with Leslie's support is what ignite the breakthroughs.

I meditate almost daily now. I've cut back on my schedule to allow more time for me and for my daughter. I relax more and I stay in the moment. I allow myself me time. I'm more sensitive to my daughter's needs. I'm more understanding of her as a teenager. I'm not as hard on myself. I allow myself to make mistakes and as a result I forgive myself much faster.

I feel empowered and I feel in control of how my life will be without all the extra demands of needing to be in survival mode. I feel happier and extremely hopeful."

Amy P. 

"Always a pretty successful business person, I found myself at a crossroads in my career.  I was no longer getting the fulfillment I once did in my job.  I had the title and the salary I wanted, for the most part, but something was missing and it was starting to make me miserable.  I was used to always having the answers for myself, and everyone else for that matter. But I felt unfulfilled and started feeling depressed about even doing the simplest tasks at work.  

I was initially hesitant about coaching with Leslie because I am not too much into the touchy feely stuff.  Our first session was totally different than what I anticipated.  I thought she was going to have me reading inspirational quotes and meditating, but she asked me some questions that I had not already asked myself (which is a feat).  She helped me to really reframe my approach to my career and my thought patterns around my goals.  It bled over into other areas of my life, and I found myself to really be approaching life in a more positive way. 


Ultimately, she helped me to find my new path and put together a real plan around how to attain my real goals.  So glad that I gave coaching with Leslie a try!"

Rock Balancing
Water drops near a stack of stones

Corey W.

"Prior to meeting Leslie, I was dealing with issues of despair, insomnia, and binge eating along with a lack of self-love and waning confidence. I was feeling broken and hopeless after several attempts to get my life on track. I did not want to be out in public and I was contemplating suicide. I felt isolated from the world and didn't even truly know why. My therapist was not able to give me any information that eased my mind. 

Leslie was able to address the cause of my despair after our FIRST MEETING!  I was overjoyed to feel like there was hope for me now. I instantly felt the comfort to speak my truth. I was telling her things I'd thus far been keeping to myself. I never felt judged when we spoke, which was a major factor in my self-examination. 

Our sessions were always peaceful and insightful. I could feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Leslie's versatility and ability to discuss serious topics as well as be lighthearted and funny was important for me because I myself am all of those things at any given time. We did more sessions over the next few months, and sure enough I made progress. I became able to see the patterns that I was perpetuating that continued to hold me back from growth and prosperity. 

I've lost the urge to self-medicate and throw pity parties. My family is happy to see me smiling and laughing again and I can say was it not for Leslie I might still be curled up under a rock. It feels amazing to have my confidence back. 


I found a great job and at Leslie's recommendation began altering my habits which led me to better sleep and more feelings of happiness and self-love. It's rare to come across a real empowering soul that only wants positive change for you. I cannot thank Leslie enough for her help."

Let's make some magic. 

There is nothing--nothing--more powerful than someone's undivided attention and focus beamed lovingly upon you. I'd love to enter that sacred field with you and see what wants to happen from there. 

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